Cantilever racking

  • individual and customer-focused solutions
  • size and load-bearing capacity according to the needs on site
  • clear, manageable storage and direct access
  • no expensive and time-consuming resorting
  • stored products protected from damage

Your advantage with FISCHER:
Our cantilever racking is made of hot-rolled steel sections and therefore fulfils the highest load-bearing capacity and durability requirements. The respective section cross-sections and connecting elements are chosen for cost-effectiveness based on structural calculations!


Cantilever racking is not standard shelving, but customised solutions.

FISCHER cantilever racking is not standard shelving, but customised solutions. We can produce any size for any load. Tell us what you need and we will supply you with the racking you want.

The individual parts of the racking:

  • Upright (1)
  • Upright foot (one-sided 2 / double-sided 3)
  • Counter plates (4)
  • Connector (5)
  • Upright links (6)
  • Cross stays (7)
  • Turnbuckle (8)
  • Cantilever arms (9)
  • Roof arm (10)

The material

Fischer cantilever racking is made of hot-rolled steel sections S235JRG 2 (formerly ST-37/2) and can therefore carry extremely high loads. All welds are designed to the specific needs. The bolts, turnbuckles and heavy-duty anchors required for assembly and installation of the racking are included.

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Get an online quotation

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The surface

All steel parts are sand blasted and painted (suitable for indoor use only). We can also supply hot-dip galvanised sections on request (for outdoor use).

The colours

All steel parts of FISCHER cantilever racking can be supplied in the colours shown. If you do not enter a colour preference the uprights and upright feet will be coated in Gentian Blue (RAL5010) and the cantilever arms coated in Flame Red (RAL3000). Any other RAL colour is possible for an additional charge.

Light grey

Light grey
like RAL 7035

Reseda green

Reseda green
like RAL 6011

Sky blue

Sky blue
like RAL 5015

Flame red

Flame red
like RAL 3000

Daffodil yellow

Daffodil yellow
like RAL 1007

Gentian blue

Gentian blue
like RAL 5010